I had been suffering from constant leg pain from a herniated disk that was compressing on a nerve in my low back for the past year. After the Spinal Decompression treatment my pain has disappeared and I’m able to play golf and hockey again painfree.
John K.

I began seeing Dr. Chaye 10 years ago for chronic low back and neck pain that was preventing me to move around without pain. The pain was so severe I couldn’t sleep soundly, exercise or do my job properly. After his treatments I have been able to sleep better, enjoy my activities and hobbies and work a consistent schedule.

Kathy B.

4 years ago I was scheduled for low back surgery when I saw Dr. Chaye for Spinal Decompression treatment. At that time I could only walk for 50 feet before the pain in my leg was so bad I had to sit down and rest. After 8 weeks of treatment I felt so much better I cancelled the surgery and haven’t experienced the leg pain again.

Rich H.

I have arthritis and an old fracture in my spine and it was painful to move and roll over in bed. Dr. Chaye treated me with laser therapy and after a couple weeks I was able to move again without pain.

Bev F.

I was suffering from tendonitis in both my shoulders (rotator cuffs) to a point I was feeling it every day and couldn’t exercise. Dr. Chaye treated me with Shockwave therapy and after a few weeks I could use my shoulders without any pain.

Richard P.

I’m in my 80’s and I see Dr. Chaye once a month. With his treatments I stay mobile and painfree.

Milton S.